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At Brown’s Professional Carpet Care, we believe that getting your tile & grout professionally cleaned can make a huge difference. To some, tile and grout cleaning may seem minor or unnecessary, but we can show you exactly what kind of difference it can make.


Clean tile and grout not only makes your home or business look and feel exponentially cleaner, but it could potentially extend the life of your floors or walls.

Check out some of our before and after pictures and witness the difference for yourself!











CRB Scrub &




Seal Grout
(if needed)

If you’re considering getting your tile and grout cleaned, consider the experts at Brown’s Professional Carpet Care give us a call today!


Tile & Grout cleaning can only be successfully completed with the use of superior equipment. At Brown’s Professional Carpet Care, we are able to provide our customers with the highest degree of satisfaction by using only top-of-the-line equipment when performing our tile & grout cleaning services. Check out what we use, below:

Hydro-Force™ SX-15™  

The Hydro-Force™ SX-15™ is a professional tile and grout machine that is capable of cleaning over 25% faster and more efficient than many other “industry-leading” models. When accompanied by our CRB (counter rotating brush – used for agitation and scrubbing), there is no dirt and grime that can stand in its way. This innovative cleaning tool, when used by the experts at Brown’s, can and will bring a new life to your tile and grout.

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