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At Brown’s Professional Carpet Care, one of our most popular services is our Residential Carpet Cleaning. If your home’s carpeting could use some attention from the experienced experts at Brown’s, please give us a call! With a few simple questions, we can usually give you a detailed estimate over the phone. However, some circumstances require an estimate, which require a $75 non refundable fee.

If you’re unsure about the benefits of carpet cleaning, please see the Benefits of Carpet Cleaning  section of our Home page or take a look at our before and after pictures.




We proudly offer package-deals to best fit your home’s carpet conditions and to offer you a wider variety of cleaning options.

Each package includes Our Full Steam hot water extraction process  Pre-Vacuum | Pre-conditioning | Agitation | Rinse (PH balanced Alkaline)


This package is ideal for heavily soiled carpets.


Included: 11-Step Process*, Scotchgard™ protection, Extra stain treatment, Ultra Deodorizing treatment

*We do not move furniture with this package, insurance liability.


This package is ideal for moderately soiled carpet (not insanely dirty, but has definitely had some traffic).


Included: 11-Step Process* & Scotchgard™ protection


Not included: extra stain treatment & deodorizing.


*We do not move furniture with this package, insurance liability.


This package is ideal for lightly soiled carpet or just low maintenance cleaning.


Included: 11-Step Process*


Not included: carpet protection,  extra stain treatment & deodorizing.


*We do not move furniture with this package, insurance liability.

Our experienced professionals at Brown’s Professional Carpet Care have perfected our carpet cleaning method and acquired the most immaculate equipment to ensure your satisfaction. With the best equipment and methods, we’re able to give you the cleanest carpet around. Give us a call today!


When it comes to residential carpet cleaning, using the most advanced equipment and machinery is the only way to guarantee your carpet’s cleanliness. Here is some of the equipment we will be using:

ProChem Legend GT Truck-Mounted Cleaning System

By using this specific cleaning system, we are able to completely obliterate 97% of all allergens, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, etc. trapped beneath and inside your carpet. Not only will your carpet look and feel great, but this will help keep you, your family, and your carpets healthier.

Powerful Air-Movers

By using only the most powerful and efficient air-movers, we are able to cut your carpet’s drying time in half! The quicker the drying time and the efficiency of the dry will ultimately lower the chances of mildew and prevent any chance of mold. Our Air-Movers can completely dry your carpets in as little as 10 minutes. In no time, your carpets will be looking better than ever!

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