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At Brown’s Professional Carpet Care, we are able to offer our customers service that goes beyond just dryer vent cleaning. Our in-depth dryer vent cleaning service also includes cleaning of the dryer AND cleaning of the filter trap, at no extra cost to you!

Dryer Vent




Clean Dryer Filter Trap


Dryer Vent


Clean Out Dryer


Clean Dryer Duct

Here are some facts about the importance of dryer vent cleaning, you may not know:

1. Regular dryer vent cleaning could prevent serious fires.

By allowing the experts at Brown’s Professional Carpet Care to empty the numerous debris that become lodged inside of your dryers ventilating system, you can sleep easy knowing that the possibility of a build-up is significantly lowered. Most dryer-related fired are caused by these build-ups.



2. Dryer vent cleaning can actually save you money!

When your dryer’s ventilating system has clogging caused by lint and debris, the airflow is also slowed to a point of increasing your monthly power bill! How is that so? Well, when these particles conform on top on one another, it causes your dryer to have to run harder and longer. If your dryer is having to work nearly twice as hard, it can cause a serious upcharge on your bill.



3. Cleaning the lint from your dryer’s lint trap after each use does not mean it’s all been collected.

Most dryers only trap about a quarter of the amount of lint and debris produced from your clothing… this means that roughly 75% ends up in the ventilating system.

If you’re ready to start saving some money on your power bill and drastically reduce the risk of a fire in your home, make sure to give the experienced professionals at Brown’s Professional Carpet Care a call today.


In order to successfully clean your air ducts, the professionals at Brown’s Professional Carpet Care only use state-of-the-art equipment. When you combine the best equipment with our experienced expert cleaners, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Take a look at the equipment we use on our happy, healthy customers’ homes and businesses:

SpinVax™ 1000XT Professional Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning System

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The SpinVax™ 1000XT cleaning system is one of the most efficient tools being used today. This tools features technology that can’t be found in any other air duct and dryer vent cleaning system, resulting in the most efficient cleaning capabilities. The SpinVax™ 1000XT contains self-adjusting brushes that can adjust to any duct size and can maneuver to clean the entire duct (every twist, turn, and corner). All of its features are used for pristine dryer vent cleaning, as well.

See Below For More Info On SpinVax™ 1000XT

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